Dear Keith, I am writing to thank you so much for meeting with me and helping me understand my NHS pension contribution. Your detailed explanation of how the system works was fantastic, and it has given me a clear understanding of how I can prepare for my retirement. Your expertise and guidance have been invaluable, and I appreciate the time and effort you took to provide me with such an informative session. I am now equipped with the knowledge and confidence to plan my pension contribution better.

Matron – Croydon University Hospital October 2023

“I would like to say I think the Pension Support Service is fantastic – I have learnt more in a few months from a PSS webinar and your response then I have learnt in 20years!”

Nurse, Walsall Healthcare Trust. September 2023

“The face to face was very helpful and informative, I have been given a couple of things to look at…once I have had a look I will contact PSS to find out the next steps.”

Booking Clerk

“I have been on a couple of these retirement session in the past and the one that Kirstin did today was by far the best. Kirstin answered all questions clearly and concisely, and was very informative. 10/10”

Pre-Retirement Workshop in August 2022

“Thanks for your time on the phone today it was invaluable. I would add the comments below for you to pass on; Had a good conversation with Ross today re my pension situation.  What a refreshing experience of find someone who knows the absolute detail of the schemes and has a wealth of expertise to share!  It is increasingly rare to find this knowledge now so I will be contacting Ross again when I come to finally retire. I would also add there is a danger of people making decisions now and  without this expertise – it could lead to financial difficulties in some cases. Thanks again will be in touch.”

Ms O from NHS England

“This was an excellent workshop, the facilitator really understood the NHS Pensions system – much more knowledge and much better than the NHSBSA webinars by far!! I will certainly be recommending to colleagues”

Feedback from a Pension Surgery in June 2022

“Thank you Kirstin – fantastic session today with a valuable insight on our pensions work. Very useful”

Feedback from a Pension Surgery in June 2022

“Pensions is not an easy subject to get to grips with however the workshop information was delivered in a really easy to understand way”

Feedback from a Pension Surgery in June 2022

“Without your advice not only me but several of my colleagues would not be in a better financial/ work position.  So, a big thank you, you have made a difference to some special people who have given the NHS more than their blood.  Have a nice Xmas and all the very best for your future.”

Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust – December 2023

“I found the individual appointment really useful. The adviser answered all of my questions and explained things in an accessible way. There was added value compared to ringing the NHSBA and reading off their website, which I have done before.”

Occupational Therapist

“It went very well. They helped me understand the pension scheme and my years working at another Trust were all on my record. Before this, I didn’t really understand the two different pensions. It would be very useful to others, I’m sure.”


“It (PSS) was excellent, really helpful. I cannot be more appreciative of the support and information given to me.”

Head of Service

“Sincerest thanks for your most timely and helpful support. I’m super impressed with the PSS and in particular your service!!”

Senior Manager at NHS England

“Thank you for your prompt and really helpful response. You are the first person I have contacted about this (and there have been a few!) that has
been able to give me clear answers and explain what is going on in the background. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply in detail.”

Mrs F from NHS England

“An excellent session from Kirstin. Very knowledgeable and responsive to all questions.”

Feedback from a Pension Surgery in June 2022

“Thank you so much Ross, you have been amazing with the information”

Ms L from NHS England

“So impressed with your knowledge and presentation, I’ve learnt so much in this thank you so much.”

Feedback from a Pension Surgery in June 2022